Often, jobs that we complete have a dramatic before and after, in which case most NEVER get photos.  In the case of a job we completed today in South Fargo, I was lucky enough to remember to take some photos.  Sadly, the most dramatic difference came from not the steps in this house, but the upstairs living room.  But, it was too late by the time we were getting set up I forgot about taking pictures.  Needless to say the homeowner was shocked and happy about  the end results.  To be perfectly honest I was too, I didn’t think we would get it as clean as it ended up being.  I give much credit to our Tech, Mike, who did all the hard work, mostly while he directed me where to go.

I wanted to write about this job for two reasons.

1. The carpet was over 25 years old.  Due to the layout of the home, the carpet had heavy traffic, with only 4 carpet cleanings in the last 25 years.   The reason I mention this is because it is worth a look to see if you can save a carpet by cleaning, even if it old.

2. The right kind of cleaning.  We used a heavy duty carpet pre-spray to soak the carpet before we steam cleaned it followed by agitation with a brush to release the ground in dirt.  After letting the chemicals do their job, we steam cleaned and rinsed the carpet clean.  After cleaning, we fluff the carpet and groom it out to aid in drying.

The Result… Very good, as you can see in the after shot, the carpet is much cleaner-  it is not brand new, but like-new!

So, if you feel that your carpet has no hope, let us take a look at it.  Feel free to call or text us at 701-306-7026 anytime for a free consultation on your carpet.

Carpet Before Cleaning

Carpet After Cleaning